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a life a dream the pain a scream

stuck in a sepia film

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1984, 20th century literature, alcohol, allergy, alone, alternative, androginy, anne heche, anorexia, anti-depressants, bananafish, beer, bisexuality, bloc party, blur, books, boys in eyeliner, bracelets, bret easton ellis, brian molko, brit-pop, britpop, camus, catatonia, chardonnay, charlize theron, che guevara, christina ricci, cinema, coldplay, collages, control, cuba, cutting, dairy produce, darkness, dawson's creek, depression, drugs, duck tales, earings, eating disorders, editors, existentialism, eyeliner, fidel castro, fight club, formula 1, friends, gay culture, grape juice, green day, hate, homosexuality, hurt, indie, insomnia, interpol, james dean bradfield, jj72, ken keasy, kinesis, kitkat, literature, live gigs, london, manic street preachers, mansun, medication, mental diseases, michelle williams, mind games, modern art, mr. tumnus, music, nazism, nihilism, oasis, orwell, pain, paranoia, parkinsong, paul banks, philosophy, pills, placebo, poetry, politics, prozac, punk, radiohead, rain, razors, revolution, richey edwards, rock, ryan phillipe, sadness, sallinger, sarcasm, savage garden, schizophrenia, self-hate, self-mutilation, sepia, sex, sex & the city, sex drugs rocknroll, sex pistols, sid vicious, silence kit, skinny, sleeping, smoking, socialism, solitude, soulmates, south park, stefan olsdal, stereophonics, stress, suede, suffering, suicide, sylvia plath, tea, teenage angst, terrorism, the hours, thin, thom yorke, tim roth, trainspotting, travis, uncle scrooge, united kingdom, veggies, velvet goldmine, virginia woolf, vodka, wales, writing, Мистер Тумнус, Одрі, брит-поп